DiMarzio Titan 7 Humbucker Set

DiMarzio Titan 7
DiMarzio Titan 7

The Titan 7 humbucker set is a great pair of 7-string pickups.  There are a few reasons that I think so.  Let’s run them down.

First, I think they sound just like the 6-string Titans.  Why wouldn’t they?  LOL!  Have you tried some of the other pickup variations out there that are named after an existing model?  Many fall short.  DiMarzio is frequently known for shooting for the ends, rather than the means.  That’s the case with the Titan 7 set.  The specs might defy the logic of what you might see from some of the other 7-string pickups on the market.  But it is what you hear when you plug it in that matters.

Next, the Titan 7 sets solidifies the Titan series as the most versatile pickups associated with the players in Periphery.  While there’s nothing wrong with offerings from other brands, the Titan 7 just is more of that clutch player than you can rely on.  Perhaps you think one of the options is too extreme and another is too generic.  The Titan 7 is that Goldilocks option that’s going to be “just right”.

Finally, if your first 7-string guitar is a 1990 Ibanez Universe with the stock set of DiMarzio Blaze pickups, it’s like comparing a Kia to a Ferrari.  Yes, I have one of the earliest Universe 7-strings out there, and the stock Blaze humbuckers just don’t make it fun to play.  Could be why they make the Blaze Custom.  LOL!  Even so, the Titan 7 set is like a splash of refreshing cold water in your face by comparison.

DiMarzio Titan 7 Gold Cover
DiMarzio Titan 7 Gold Cover

When thinking of the Titan set in general, I tend to think of my favorite characteristics of a PAF humbucker.  Evenly-voiced, responsive, dynamic, and transparent.  Just louder.  And it does it without getting into a lot of congested compression.  Translating that to a 7-string pickup means you can keep out of mud city on the low string.

Maintaining the original Universe hum-single-hum wiring, the 2 and 4 positions give the middle single coil and the south coil of the respective humbucker.  After 28 years, DiMarzio still only has the Blaze Middle as the only 7-sting single coil option, so that’s what I’m working with.  In those in-between positons, the Titan 7 coils work with that middle slot for some really unique chirpy quack.  Really not at all what you are expecting from something you’d assume as having a progressive metal vibe.

How is the Titan 7 set where it really matters?  Dude!  The highs have depth and the lows have clarity.  It’s easy to think that to get some focus on the lows that the entire pickup would be too rigid and brittle.  Or to get presence out of the highs would make it all too thick.  The Titan 7 set navigates around those potholes on the road to a very well-voiced pickup.

In both neck and bridge positions, the low end is on-point with tasty articulation.  Sure, you can get that percussive focus of the djent and progressive metal genres.  The Titan 7 does it without getting that harsh clack.  As such, you can get full sounding riffs and some girth to power chords.  At the same time, I can go down low on the neck position have have more definition that the bridge position of other 7-string pickups.  I went out of my way to get that low B to flub out and the Titan 7 set just wasn’t having it.  LOL!

Here’s an official video of Jake Bowen playing and discussing the Titan 7 pickups:


Let’s look at the specs.


Titan 7 Bridge DP714
Series – 10.982 K
Inductance – 6.502 H
Split N – 5.53 K
Split S – 5.461 K
Parallel – 2.745 K
T – 5.0
M – 6.0
B – 5.0
Output – 415 mV
Magnet – Ceramic
Titan 7 Neck DP713
Series – 10.356 K
Inductance – 5.833 H
Split N – 5.082 K
Split S – 5.284 K
Parallel – 2.59 K
T – 5.5
M – 6.0
B – 5.5
Output – 280 mV
Magnet – Ceramic


If you have a 7-string, the Titan 7 humbuckers are definitely worth your valuable time.  I’ve tried three neck and four bridge 7-string pickups.  Based solely on tone, the Titan 7 is best at covering what I think a 7-string pickup should do.  As the JB has been my touchstone for a 6-string pickup, the Titan 7 set is my new benchmark for 7-strings.  At least until they make a better version of the Blaze neck.  LOL!

For reference, this Titan 7 humbucker set evaluation was conducted with a Fractal Axe-Fx II XL+ featuring Celestion Impluse Responses and Fractal MFC-101 MIDI Foot Controller.  Real cabs used were Marshall 1960B cabs loaded with Celestion G12-65s, Vintage 30s and G12M Greenbacks.

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