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Darth Phineas is a long time music industry insider who provides his readers with unbiased reviews on musical instrument and guitar gear.  Darth Phineas’ syndicated content reaches in excess of over 4.1M annual unique global views, including social media communication channels.

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Professor Guitarism

Fan of electric guitar, metal, rock, progressive rock, blues, fusion jazz and classical music, Star Wars & Lord of the Rings (books), The Alien, Marillion, Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Frank Zappa etc. Columnist since 2005-2016. Published many interviews made with Seymour W.Duncan, Steve Blucher, Lindy Fralin, Yuriy Shiskov, Steve Morse, Guthrie Govan, Bill Nash of Nash Guitars, Joe Satriani, Dave Weiner, Tony Macalpine, Alex Skolnick, Dream Theater, Ian Anderson, Tim Mills etc. Fields of interest: Once had a humble custom shop but now only medium to advanced level electric guitar modifications at home, electric guitar pickup modifications and sometimes even winding them, trying to play guitars never done before and, naturally, achieving more and more guitars. You can find Professor Guitarism on his Website and his Instagram.