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Floyd Rose Hollow Point Intonation System

Hollow Point - Black
Hollow Point – Black

The Floyd Rose double locking tremolo system has dominated the guitar world for four decades. Often imitated, and never duplicated, the Floyd Rose is the premier choice of players looking to emulate Eddie Van Halen, Brad Gillis, Neal Schon, and every other rock star that flutters, wiggles, or dives.

If there is one thing that strikes fear into the hearts of the most road-worn techs and guitarists, it’s the setup. HaHa! OK, that might be a bit dramatic. But, it is one of the biggest issues I read of players having a concern with. So, yeah, there is more than one step to the intonation of a Floyd Rose. You got me there! LOL! But with great power comes great responsibility!

Yet today, I’m looking at a solution that makes the process much easier and more accurate. How so? With the Hollow Point Intonation System. Let’s take a look!

The Hollow Point system pretty much replaces the String Lock Screws. Those are the long screws that go in to the back of the saddle and rest beneath the finer tuners. On the new String Lock Screws, you have the Intonation Inserts. Those are the larger bits made of brass with the knurled ends. Here is a handy video on just how easy it is to install the Hollow Point system:

Before we go anywhere else, I’m guessing that some of you are wondering about any pros or cons to the added mass. Lemme tell ya, I was thinking the same thing.

I started with only installing 3 of the 6 Hollow Point screws/inserts before taking the guitar for a ride around the block. And yes, I can hear an added benefit to the extra mass of the brass Insert on the String Lock Screw. Ramp it up to all 6 Inserts and you’ve just increased sustain and resonance to your tremolo system. Add one to the ‘win’ column! Is there a downside to the mass affecting the feel or flutter of the tremolo action? None that I’ve found.

Now you’re wondering how the Hollow Point system makes the intonation easier! Good. Let’s look at that too.

We will assume at this point that have your guitar already set up properly for your preferred optimal playing style. Now all that you need is the intonation adjustment. You simply dive the bar, loosen the saddle screw, and turn the Hollow Point insert to either lengthen or shorten the string distance. Tighten the saddle screw back down and check intonation for accuracy.

“Sorcery!” you say? LOL! Nah, it’s all about the groove in the Hollow Point Insert that the fine tuner rest within. Here, let’s check out another video for that detail:

It’s super easy from the start. And once you’ve intonated the first string or two, the rest are a walk in the park.

Another question that I have seen out there about the Hollow Point system has to do with versatility. In other words, do you need to buy a set for every guitar you have? Well, I’m not going to tell you how to spend you money! HaHa! If you want to, go right ahead. However, we all know that guitar players can be notoriously cheap. LOL! So, sure, you can move the system from one guitar to another. Think of it like this: once the guitar is intonated, the saddle adjustment is still locked down and the hard work is done. You can install the original String Lock Screws back in and put the Hollow Point system to work on one of your other guitars.

When the Hollow Point Intonation System first came out several years back, I’m like most guitar players that tend to kick the idea around a little bit. Now that I’ve put the Hollow Point system in to play, I wish I have tried the system sooner.

The Hollow Point Intonation System is a 100% Authentic Floyd Rose Certified product. That means you get the full support of the Floyd Rose warranty and customer service. It is available in Chrome, Black, Gold, Black Nickel, Nickel, and Satin Chrome. The systems also comes in sets for 6-string and 7-string guitars.

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