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Lizard Spit Ultimate Fret Polishing System

When you think about fret polishing, what comes to mind?

That’s right. Taping up the fretboard and using a healthy abrasive on the fret wire. That can be steel wool or even micro mesh. Does anyone still use Brasso for polishing frets? Even 0000 steel wool can be aggressive. And micro mesh can quickly alter the fret crown.

What is it then that we are trying to do? Put a slippery smooth shiny surface back on the frets? You betcha! Let’s think about what it is we are trying to clean off: sweat, grease, grime, and oils. Typically all from our own fingers.

Do we use steel wool to clean our hands? HaHa! Of course not. But you really shouldn’t use soap and water to clean your frets either. LOL!

And that’s why I wanted to check out Lizard Spit’s Ultimate Fret Polishing System. The eco-friendly, non-toxic formula in the fret polishing pads cleans your frets and doesn’t cover everything in the same chemical goop that Batman dropped the Joker in to.

And it’s super easy to use. That’s handy for guitar players. HaHa! Place one of the fret guards (included!) on the fret and then rub a polish pad back and forth on the fret. Typically, about 10-15 swipes will get ya. And depending on how dirty your frets are, you can knock out an entire neck in 2-3 pads. That means that a single Polishing System should get you 8-12 necks.

Lay your peepers on this video of the Ultimate Fret Polishing System in action:

Lizard Spit inventor & chemist Chris Webster demonstrates the Lizard Spit Ultimate Fret Polishing System
Ultimate Fret Polishing System Before & After
Ultimate Fret Polishing System Before & After

Polishing your frets couldn’t get any easier. And here’s the kicker: it’s good for all kinds of metal surfaces. Do you like to detail your car rims? Are you a coin collector? You’re in luck!

Additionally, the Lizard Spit fret polishing pads contain an ingredient that seals the metal surface. That’s handy for getting a great surface on your fret wire that really spoils your digits.

If you’ve been tracking my articles over the past few weeks, you can see that I’ve been putting Lizard Spit products in to play when a guitar hits the workbench. I’m digging the Ultimate Fret Polishing System. It is a kit with all you need for the ultimate polished fret, and you don’t smell like a chemical spill when you’re done. LOL!

You can order the complete Ultimate Fret Polishing system as well as fret polishing pad refills directly from Lizard Spit as well as outlets that includes Amazon. Be keeping an eye out for more content about Lizard Spit products coming soon!

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