Celestion V-Type 70 Watt Speaker

Celestion V-Type
Celestion V-Type

Celestion says the V-Type “produces a heady, exciting modern vintage sound that just makes you want to keep on playing.”  You saw a brief mention of the V-Type in my earlier evaluation of the Celestion A-Type 50 Watt Speaker.  At one point, the V-Type and the A-Type were in a stereo config X pattern in a 4×12.  Two V-Type speakers together on one channel, and the pair of A-Type on another.  The V-Type were also in a 2×12 open back cab.

Right away, the V-Type stood my up and hit me in the chest with a distinctive authority.  It’s a nice full-sounding speaker with a little more lower-mid girth than the A-Type, for example.  A little more roar, if you will.  Could be it has to do with a bit of a dip in the mids around 1.5 kHz or the slightly elevated headroom.

The V-Type is in the same $99 price range as the A-Type, making them attractive to guitarists wanting to branch out a little.  Thankfully, there’s a much sound packed in here as a higher-priced selection.  And in 8Ω and 16Ω options.

Celestion V-Type Tone Graph
Celestion V-Type Tone Graph

During the time that the V-Type speakers were being evaluated, several guitars and even more pickups were used for testing.  Double hum, hum-single-single, a P-90, and even all singles.  Voiced from classic and vintage to modern and progressive tones.  For a little more fun, I’d also run the cab along with a cab loaded with G12-65s – which share a similar dip around 1.5kHz.

I really like how the V-Type delivers a firmly percussive yet slightly primal grunt toward the lower end when hitting the big chords on a dirty amp setting.  The highs are deliberate and have some open airy cut, but they aren’t shrill or brittle while doing so.

For the inevitable comparison to the A-Type, it’s as if the V-Type has a shift toward the lower mids and the A-Type slants toward the upper mids.  Along with the A-Type’s slightly stringer focus in the highs, both speakers make for a really nice match in a 2×12 or a 4×12.  When together like that, the combination seems to present a stronger sonic footprint in the room.  The pairing also yields a smidge more harmonic content.

Watch Pete Thorn demonstrate the V-Type’s range:


How about some specs:

V-Type Specs
Speaker Size:  12″
Voice Coil:  1.75″
Magnet:  31 oz Ceramic
Power Handling:  70 W
Resonance:  75 Hz
Sensitivity:  98 dB

For reference, this evaluation was conducted with a Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II XL+ through a Carvin DCM200Lpower amp.  Cabs are a Peavey 6505 4×12 closed-back and a Mojotone Slammins 2×12 open-back.

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